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Sichuan chicken with vegetable in bengali style

This Sichuan chicken dish from the szechuan province in China and wok is ideal cooking apparatus for this dish.

Strawberry smoothie recipe with Tips

Banana: 1 ripe
Strawberry : Half cup
Yogurt : 2/3 cup
Sugar or honey : As your taste.

Wash strawberries , Chop strawberries in half and remove banana peels. In a blender, process all ingredients until smooth. Pour it in  beautiful glasses & enjoy!

Tips: Smart to use honey instead of sugar... It's so much healthier.
You can add milk too.Adding milk will give the strawberry smoothies a liquid feel.
You can use orange juice instead of Milk.
For a little extra flavor you may use a few drops of vanilla or almond extract .
If you are using frozen strawberries add some sugar or sweetened juice to the smoothie to create a sweeter taste.

strawberry smoothy

Chatgaiya Beef Kalia

Dish and desserts Restaurant Special recipe Beef kalia 

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