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Hokkaido Chicken recipe

hokkaido chicken
Chicken Steak  300 gm
Boiled Vegetables 100 gm (Carrot, Bean,Pea-pod,Baby Corn)
French Fries (Cut the potatoes in tall and thick pieces and fry in minimal amount of oil)
Grilled Onion  200 gm
Garlic sauce
Soy Sauce
Chili Powder
Cooking Sauce
Oil (Corn or Soyabean).

Directions:  Marinate the leg and breast pieces of the chicken with garlic, onion, light soy sauce, chili powder, cooking sauce, and oil. After 20 minutes, grill the chicken for 10 minutes. Serve the chicken with boiled vegetable, French fries, and grilled onion in a sizzling hot plate. You could also add some garlic sauce on it.

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